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Time to show you that Carmen Cruz is the tranny that knows how to party – I’m hanging out with my kitty friends in the bar tonight, we are all quite tipsy, we all throw quick lustful glances at a trio of boys staring at us… Damn, the night’s definitely going to be a hot one. And you know how far dancing Carmen Cruz goes in her attempts (fruitful, by the way) to seduce the guys? I just pull the hem of my dress up showing my cock bulging under my thongs! Like it? :)

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Two gorgeous blond trannies Carmen Cruz and Jesse Flores are in the right mood for something dirty tonight – bet that it won’t cost you any effort to see it here on these pics. I’m down on my knees in front of my juicy tonight’s girlfriend, grinding on her meaty cock greedily one second and… Mere moments later I’m already licking my full lips clean, my face covered with a thick mask of fresh gooey jizzum! Yummy! Looks good? Believe me, it looks even better on the video available HERE!

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Whew, looks like some dude planning to undergo the routine medical checkup in the hospital today is real lucky – the one taking care of him will be sexy nurse Carmen Cruz! I’m dressed in my favorite tight latex uniform, I’ve got all the necessary tools ready for action – and I’m just dying from sex hunger! I will suck my patient’s strong cock clean, then turn the astonished guy around, spank his ass and… Wanna know what happens to his bottom next? CLICK HERE to see it on video! 😉

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Have always been so eager to see what hides under the little panties of irresistible shemale Carmen Cruz? Oh, poor boy, don’t worry, I will show it to you tonight! 😉 Sure, this shoot is far not the nastiest one I have done during my career but I still love it immensely. Why? Well, don’t you think this sexy dress looks good on my curves? When I saw myself in the mirror I got so horny I thought I would fuck myself and… Well, that’s almost what I did there actually. :) See it all on video HERE!

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The life of a shemale porn star is amazing, really – there are a lot of classy perks that you get in addition to all that wild, hard, passionate and dirty sex with whoever you choose. One of those perks is what this pic of me and Gia Darling reminds me of – all those private parties that often end up with hot orgies in the VIP rock! Here you see us heading to one of those parties and…

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Have you ever asked yourself how far you could go in your attempts to please a really really hot tranny – someone like tranny Carmen Cruz, for instance? What if I offered you my yummy tight ass in exchange for a quick little blowjob, would you agree? You would? Then get down on your knees, close your eyes and open your mouth cause I’ve some something yummy to put into it! 😀 By the way, if you really want to see me getting sucked off by my lovers on video, just hit THIS WEBSITE right now.

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Yeah, I love it up my ass – really really deep. However, it’s surely not by chance that I have still got that cock dangling right in between my hips, right? I love putting it on the butts of all those innocent little boys who are so in love with me they would do anything to please me – and this is exactly what you can see on these pics. Ready to watch Carmen fuck male bunghole so hard it comes gaping? Then do it here! And my FAVOURITE WEBSITE is always here for you if you want to see it on video.

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What do you think about this set of cute polka dot undies? I myself really like it – it’s not actually as provocative as what I wear most of the time but… It kinda makes me feel like one of them sweet and innocent country gals. Still, I’m definitely not as innocent as I might seem to be in the beginning of this solo Carmen Cruz shoot and I will proudly show it to you on these pics. And I don’t even mention the things I do at this SHEMALE SITE – you’ll just lose your mind when you see it all!

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Screw the goodie-goodie stuff you can see above and below this post in my blog – right here on these pics you can see real Carmen Cruz in latex and with her love muscle stiff and ready for action. I’m putting it on the little white ass of one of my submissive buddies and, as you can see, he’s not really enjoying my big size. :) Anyway, who cares! If you want to be a really rough tranny, you don’t care about your fuckmates much. You love this hardcore kind of action? Then get more of it HERE!

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You know that I love going wild in front of cam in my shoots and, after all, this is exactly what this dirty bitch TS Carmen Cruz is famous for! :) However, I also know how to be a real lady and act like a true supermodel, which I gladly prove on pics and in videos available from this TRANSSEXUAL PORN SITE. These two poolside pictures are here to show it to you. Nice ass, huh? I would love to have your cock rammed deep into it! Oops, real ladies are not supposed to say this, right? (blushin’) :)

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Gosh, sometimes I feel I just can’t fight that manly side in myself – and this is exactly what my producers use freely in all those Carmen Cruz domination porn shoots. Take this one, for example – when I was doing it, I just lost myself completely, giving in to that natural call inside me and fucking my partner so hard he almost wept. Anyway, he was a good boy… Tough one, really. You wanna see the video from this shoot where I banged him? Well, I might wanna share it with you HERE tonight.

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“Carmen Cruz and Prisoner” is the story of a jailbird and a sexy shemale lawyer who comes to the poor man’s cell to listen to his confessions – and to suck his throbbing boner! Yeah, this dangerous thug is just a porn performer but you know what? Fantasizing about hooking it up with a real ever-horny convict who has just been released and is in urgent need of a tight hole to stick his rock-hard unit into is something that never fails to get me horny. See the fantasy turning into reality HERE! 😉

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This shoot was absolutely mind-blowing, my word – and its cool plot was not the only reason why I think so, you know. 😉 I really liked my partner in it – the boy really knew how to play well and how to suck cock right. This is the kind of photo session Carmen will never be able to stop remembering – every time I look at the POV pics I shot in its course (they are available from THIS SITE together with the full video), I remember his soft lips stroking my shemale meat… That was something…